The Nuru massage London is a journey which ultimately dissolves and transcend the therapist and client

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An important aspect of nuru massage is the harmonious control of erotic energy. will greatly help you in this direction. Well ... It is only necessary to relax and give up actively, consciously and full of presence, as I said before, to the skillful touch and proper guidance of the masseuse. Surely you wonder how you will manage to manage your own erotic energy, in such a special context, created especially for the activation and stimulation of this energy? All this huge energy, energized during the massage, will be continuously dispersed and directed, from the most intimate areas, that is, from where it accumulates in excess, or is even blocked, to the rest of the body. The affectionate, warm, gentle manner in which the massage will be performed, together with the expert help of the therapist trained in this direction, and if necessary, even some light techniques, of the pre-puncture and breathing ... don't worry about it.

You have a whole list of options between types of massage to choose from. You will make a difference yourself after trying them all. Want to have a unique episode like this? And because it is worth always discovering something new, we offer you the massage that can be done by 2 or even 3 masseuses. We are waiting for you at Artemis - all you have to do is call the displayed phone number and book your well-deserved relaxing time with one of our masseuses. A temptation that you cannot refuse ...

We hope that you will feel this stay as an initiatory journey in another dimension, in which you will explore in a different way, both your body and the inner universe, under completely new aspects, both through the senses and through through the environment. You will be greeted by one of the therapists, who will take care of you throughout your stay with us. If you are in search of a very pleasant state of relaxation, in an intimate environment, discreetly scented with natural flavors, with warm lights and music suitable for relaxation, you are welcome in our studio. We will provide you with everything you need for your maximum comfort.

The hands of the masseur will become true "energy magnets" that will infuse healing energy and will give pleasure to the receiver, but it also has an important harmonizing role. The attention and responsibility of the masseur must be directed both from the beginning of the massage itself and throughout his period, to have a neutral disposition, free of any expectations or rewards of any kind. It is based on affinity and a predetermined understanding between the purpose of the massage and the expectations of each of the two participants. The attitude of clearing the mind and freeing it of any past or future thought and its focus towards the present moment, perfectly aware of the energies that are transported in a natural and free way, represents the premise towards fulfilling the true purpose of the tantric type massage. The duty of the masseur is to connect with the universal energy and thus to be its transmitter with the help of his hands, in particular and the whole body in general. Thus, the movements used will first flow in a downward direction, unlocking and bringing the necessary contribution to the awakening and energizing of the sexual energy that can reach high levels of pleasure and then, will have an upward direction, towards the higher energy centers of the receiver. The role of the masseur in obtaining a successful nuru massage is to orchestrate the transfer of sexual energy and disseminate it to all the energy levels of the receiver, the one who benefits from the massage. There is an interdependent relationship between the giver and the giver.

Through the nuru massage London - once awakened and directed this erotic energy - one can easily reach ample states of pleasure, thus eliminating all kinds of stresses, anxieties, inhibitions, frustrations, depression, agitation, nervousness, dissatisfaction, disharmony in couple relationships, all these aspects reflecting, in fact, an unused sexuality, not transformed into energy and then redirected upwards on different higher planes.

There is a great deal of confusion between the concept of nuru massage and erotic massage, which is why we will offer some explanations in the following lines. The nuru massage London has a much deeper substrate. Yang, on the other hand, is that sensual energy that flows through the body like electricity. Tantra is the meeting between yin and yang, incorporating specific techniques to invite both energetic sides in the massage. Yin is also known as the energy of relaxation - that time of relaxation that a person experiences, while doing a massage or a hot bath. nuru massage London is an ancient form of massage that can be a fantastic way to perform a prelude to a couple; but it is equally beneficial for the ones alone.

The nuru massage London is the most special for those who want relaxation, pampering, the awakening of erotic energy, sensuality, magic, energy effervescence, refined pleasure of the senses, joy, enjoyment. This type of massage combines the classical touches of the relaxation massage, sometimes delicate, sometimes firmer, with the sensual touches meant to activate the erotic energy, to stimulate and amplify it. Of course, depending on the openness of each one, you can feel much more effects, both physical and subtle.

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