13 Mar
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Bunce - Market disruption here we come!

We are looking for feedback on our new animation. We are also looking for further feedback on our product offering and would love to get your opinions. We want our followers to be engaged with our offerings and we value your input into our future company strategy. Looking forward to receiving your feedback and don't be scared to be brutal. :) Link: https://youtu.be/7Bo_Cynt8_M Over the last month we have been busy developing our website and contents. Bunce is addressing a big problem with a viable, accessible and transparent solution helping generation rent onto the property market via our unique proposal. For investors it provides a solid, property-backed investment platform with fixed rates of returns from 4% to 8% plus additional “bonus” from the future capital gains via our Bunce Bond Coupons. Market disruption here we come! Read More: www.buncecrowd.com Check out our New Blog Page latest Property News, Comment and analysis on buying, selling and renting property in the UK. Read More: https://www.buncecrowd.com/news-articles/